Professional Development

Lab Safety   
 Communication/ Ethics  
 Business/ Careers  Research Practices
 Research Practices  
Research Practices
 Academic Careers 
 Active and Passive Voices in Lab Reports
Research Practices  Allen Talks About Careers in National Labs 
 Animal Welfare in Research
   Applying to a Research Experience for Undergraduates Program 
   Biomedical Engineering Design Notebooks
Research Practices  BMurphy talks about clients 
 Chemical Safety 
 Communicating Research to the Public
 Conflict Resolution: how to deal with conflict?
Research Practices  Design Engineering Career
 Diversity in Design Team
 Effective Using of Communication
Research Practices  Engineering Careers
 Engineering Standards
 Ethics in Engineering Design
 Fronczak talks about design process
 Global Health
 How to write a progress report
   Importance of Design Specifications
    Introduction to Documentation for Computational Sciences
 Introduction to IRB
 Introduction to Welding
 Lecture for Introduction to Engineering Design Course
Research Practices  Medial School Application 
 Medical Advances
 Mentoring Relationship
 Overview of IP
 Patent Application
 Patterns and Inventions
 Peer Mentoring
 Porfessor Archambault Talk about Communication
 Poster Presentations
 Presentation with Graphs
 Reading Journal Articles
 Record-keeping in Lab Research
Research Practices  Research in Industry
 Scientific Method 
 Scientific Misconduct
 Strategies for How to Find Information
 Talk about Intellectual Property
 The Basics of Oral Presentation
 Tips for Oral Presentation
Research Practices  Undergraduates Research Opportunities
 Wilson engr in society
 Writing Proposals Techniques