What's New at the MRSEC Education Group

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In the Video Lab Manual: Simple Graphene Synthesis

Graphene Synthesis Lab

Project: AtomTouch

Working with molecular dynamics simulation expert Dane Morgan, UW MRSEC education director Ann Lynn Gillian-Daniel and with the support of a MRSEC seed grant, MLI developed interactive 3-D simulation for mobile devices. The simulation was developed to help students understand the structures and attributes of particles at the molecular level, providing real-time feedback and responding to student’s actions.

What's New at the MRSEC Education Group

  1. MRSEC Education Group mentioned in Cap Times

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    UW MRSEC Education Director Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel is featured in the article, "Science to the people: UW-Madison's outreach efforts aim to reinforce the value of research," which ran in The Cap Times on September 17. 2014. The article can be found here

    IEG Director Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel

  2. New Paper Published

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    The paper "Microwave Synthesis of Zinc Hydroxy Sulfate Nanoplates and Zinc Oxide Nanorods in the Classroom" has been published in the Journal of Chemical Education. It was written from an activity developed by Rafal Dziedzic, a former undergraduate research assistant at the UW MRSEC Education Group, and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez, a former Postdoc with the UW MRSEC Education Group. You can find the paper by clicking here.

  3. PEOPLE Program

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    Jordyn Schroeder is a Research Experience for Undergraduate participant from the University of Maryland who has been working with us this summer to develop research-based educational materials. Check out The Capital Times write up of her Superhydrophobicity activity as part of the UW PEOPLE program!

    Article can be found here

    Photo of PEOPLE program article in Capital Times

  4. New RET Activity Published

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    A new activity has been added to the Activities page: "Modeling How Antennas Transmit/Receive Electromagnetic Wave Signals Using Mechanical (Water) Waves." The activity was developed by middle school teacher Katie Leary during the 2013 Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program at the UW MRSEC. It can be found here: http://education.mrsec.wisc.edu/726.htm 

    More information on the UW MRSEC RET program can be found here

  5. MRSEC travels to Puerto Rico for Nano Days 2014

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    In April of 2014, MRSEC center director Nicholas Abbott, MRSEC education director Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel, and NSEC Education Director Andrew Greenberg traveled to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico for NanoDays 2014. They worked with University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez graduate students to educate the public on nanotechnology. For more pictures of the event, check out our Facebook page, found here: https://www.facebook.com/uwmrsec

    Center director Nicholas Abbott teaches nanotechnology alongside UPRM students

  6. Science of Badger Athletics

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    On Saturday, February 2nd, the UW MRSEC, in collaboration with the WARF and Beyond the Game, trained UW athletes to teach members of the general public about the wonders of materials science in the world of sports. Read the full article here.

  7. RET Participant Melissa Hemling publishes activity in J. Chem. Ed.

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    Melissa Hemling, a chemistry teacher at Beaver Dam High School and participant in our RET program from 2011-2012, has published one of the teaching modules she created in the Journal of Chemical Education. The activity, which was developed in cooperation with MRSEC IRG3 co-director Douglas Weibel and his group, details how to design and test microfluidic devices in the high school classroom.

    You can find the article on the J. Chem. Ed. website by clicking here.  

  8. Bogota

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    On October 8, 2013, MRSEC Education Director Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel visited Bogota, Columbia to talk about working with teachers to inform their students and the general public about nanoscience, materials science, and nanotechnology.

    You can find the article about the days events here, and listen to a radio interview with Anne Lynn here.  

  9. MRSEC Education mentioned on Listverse.com

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    The UW-MRSEC Education Group has been mentioned on Listverse.com's "10 Amazing Man-made Substances" List for an introductory video of Memory Metal! The video stars Wendy Crone and illustrates the wonders of new materials and the importance of atomic structure.

    Check out the article here!