RET 2013 Cohort

Research Experience for Teachers

What is the RET program?

The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program puts teachers from around the state into materials research facilities at the University in order to 1) get teachers more comfortable with the tools, language, and processes of science and 2) have teachers create learning modules based on their research for use in their classroom. The MRSEC then disseminates those learning modules through our website, field trips, and professional development workshops with the goal of increasing the general public's awareness and involvement in science.

Learn more about the MRSEC Mission and Goals

In recent years the RET program has worked with three Madison, WI middle and high school teachers to create modules relating to advanced and nanoscale materials including shape memory alloys and light emitting diodes. The modules also contain information about how scientist know where atoms are located in a material using the methods of x-ray diffraction and scanning probe microscopy.

How to apply to the RET program

The RET Program application for summer 2017 will open by early February. Check back then for more information.