Grad Students/Post Docs

Welcome graduate students and postdocs! On this page you will find professional development resources, outreach activities listed by topic, and training videos for our tabletop activities.

Professional development videos, covering topics from research and design skills to academic careers to writing research proposals, can be found here.

Topics for Outreach Activities can be found here.

For Training Videos in order to lead Outreach Activities, click here.

For Educational Resources in Espanol click here.
On this page you will find all of the activities we have in Spanish listed alphabetically.

Additional Outreach Resources Beyond MRSEC click here.

MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award Apply for the MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award! The award supports travel to materials research and educational conferences. Click here for MRSEC Honored Scholar Travel Award.

“Improv to Improve Science Communication” This improvisation course is designed to improve both teaching and science communication skills. It was developed by the MRSEC in collaboration with the Delta program and a local theater company and is taught by the MRSEC Education Director, Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel. Learn more about the course here.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Create a free account to establish your own IDP. Explore career possibilities and set goals for the career path that fits you best!

UWAMIC LinkedIn Group 

Connect with Wisconsin Materials Industry using the popular professional networking website LinkedIn.

Delta Program 

The UW MRSEC collaborates with the Delta program as part of its efforts to provide broad professional development to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in and beyond the center. The Delta Program hosts a variety of annual workshops to help participants with their professional development around teaching and learning. Learn more on the Delta website.

MRSEC Executive Committee The UW MRSEC has postdoc and graduate student members on the executive committee – one representative from each IRG. This provides the representatives with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and ensures that students and postdoctoral associates in the center have a voice in decision-making processes. The student representatives of the MRSEC Executive Committee are selected on an annual basis. Interested? Contact Kerri Phillips at

matt and julia graduate
MRSEC researchers doing outreach at the annual Engineering Expo
MRSEC researchers screenprinting with the public