At Home Science Activities

Here are videos of research-inspired science activities that can be safely done at home. These hands-on activities are designed to be engaging and accessible for learners. The activities on this page require supplies that you might already have at home or that can easily be acquired. The videos also include examples of how the activities are connected to the learners’ real world experience.


Harvesting Energy from Motion

Build a shaking triboelectric nanogenerator. In this activity, you can build a device that converts the kinetic energy of shaking into electricity to light a small LED bulb.

Grade level: 7th and above

Approximate budget: $5.00

Written instructions for triboelectric nanogenerators.

The Mitten Challenge

Mitten Challenge is an activity to learn about how scientists have to use the right tool for the job.

Grade level: pre-K through 5th

Approximate Budget: $0

Written instructions for the mitten challenge.

Carbon Nanotube Finger Puppets

Build three kinds of Carbon Nanotube Finger Puppets to learn about this amazing, super strong material.

Grade level: 4th – 9th

Approximate budget: $1.00

Learn more about carbon nanotubes!

Cutting It Down to Nano

Learn about size and scale by trying to cut a piece of paper until it’s only a few nanometers long.

Grade level: 1st and above

Approximate Budget: $1.00

Written instructions and a pdf of the worksheet for cutting it down to nano.

Atomic Force Microscope Model

Use toy bricks to build a model of an Atomic Force Microscope that researchers use to “feel” the atoms in a material.

Grade level: 7th and above

Approximate Budget: $10.00 – $20.00

Written instructions for an Atomic Force Microscope model.


Lost at the Forever Mine

Lost at the Forever Mine, our newest addition takes you on an adventure as a materials scientist who crash-lands on an abandoned mining planet. Using mathematical models, you must determine if you have enough fuel to make it off the planet before your oxygen runs out! This fun, interactive game allows young scientists to practice relating equations and graphs and working with scientific models.

For ages: 10+

Average playing time: less than 30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is an interactive, online game that teaches young scientists about one of the main forms of solid materials, crystals! Through nine levels, players will be challenged to grow a variety of crystals and learn about the properties and importance of their unique structures.

For ages: 10+

Average playing time: less than 15 minutes

Cost: FREE


Atom Touch takes a look at the extremely small building blocks of life–atoms! Young scientists are able to choose from a variety of activities or partake in free play, which allows you to more deeply explore how atoms really behave.

For ages: 10+

Average playing time: less than 30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Interview with a Scientist - Camille Bishop

This is an interview with materials scientist Camille Bishop. Camille talks about her research, what she likes about science, and her path to becoming a scientist.

Grade level: 3rd and above