Training Videos

  • Amorphous Metal

    Metallic Glasses

    Introduction to Amorphous Metal 

    Amorphous Metal 

    Amorphous Metal II 


  • Carbon


    Forms of Carbon


  • LEDs

    LED Introduction 

    Light Emitting Diodes 

    Light Emitting Diodes II 


  • Triboelectric Nanogenerators

    Triboelectric Nanogenerators II

    Triboelectric Nanogenerators I

  • Memory Metal

    Memory metal 

  • Liquid Crystals

    Liquid Crystals 

    Liquid Crystals II 

    Liquid Crystal Sensors 

  • Nano

    Nano Demo 

    Cutting it down to the Nano

    Nano Science 


    Nanogold Sensors

    What is Nanotechnology?

    Nanotechnology Applications 

    Probe Microscopes: Tools used in nanotechnology 

    Scanning Probe Microscopy 

    Scanning Probe Microscopy II 

    Mitten Challenge 

  • Hydrophobicity

    Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Material 

    The Lotus Effect 

    Magic Sand

  • More Training Videos

    Cleaning Water Tank 


    How to do Demo 

    How to make Quantum Dots 


    X-Ray Diffraction